We can all agree that the right brushes are just as important as the make-up we use. The right tools can make all the difference in our beauty routines, and more importantly, greatly improve the final result. So I got searching, and researching... and that's how I was introduced to ecotools, who gets raving reviews on, but living in Montreal I quickly gave up on the idea of ever getting my hands on the;its very hard to find anything here in terms of make up, believe it or not. I generally don't like to buy any of my cosmetics or make up products online, I'm the type that enjoys the whole shopping experience, going into a store, seeing the products, touching, feeling, smelling... Imagine my excitement, when one day, while browsing through my local drugstore, I found myself staring at a whole shelf displaying Ecotools brushes. Hallelujah!  I grabbed a few and have been a happy user ever since!
The brushes are so so great! Sturdy, soft, easy to clean, minimal, next to no shedding and cheap! I really wasn't ready to fork over the big bucks for a beginners brush collection, which is why I think Ecotools are an absolute great way to start experimenting with your make up application.
So here's a breakdown and review of a few brushes.
Powder brush
Alto ugh not very dense, it is soft and sturdy. I particularly don't prefer my brush to be dense for a powder application as I use it to set my make up, patting it on, this way avoiding rubbing away my foundation. it's very easy to clean and have noticed no shedding so far
Blush brush
Great brush! although it is not shaped as the your usual blush brush from Mac or sigma for example, I still find it great. I use one side to apply one shade of blush, and the other one for dabbing on a pop of colour, or even for a powder highlighter. It's really like two brushes in one. it's smooth and washes well, again no shedding noticed.
Bronzer brush
Aaaah the star of the gang! This brush gets raving reviews on make up alley and rightly so! It's like a big, sturdy kabuki, great for buffing out any harsh lines, putting on bronzer, or, my favourite use... mineral foundation brush. Its so smooth, and dense. I have experienced a lot of difficulties over time with my mineral make up application. I find the brushes from Bare Minerals way to harsh, they would really feel like sandpaper against my skin, my make up would end up looking blotchy and flakey due to the micro exfoliation... it was a disaster. The bronzer brush from Ecotools was like a miracle, it feels great, buffs powders wonderfully and my make up looks so so much better! Thumbs up!!!!
Eyeliner brush
I love this baby! I got a few, and with that price why wouldn't I? Its soft yet stiff, great for applying any sort of eyeliner, gel, cream, powder, liquid. I use the others for my colourful eyeliners, for my eyebrows and lipsticks! I got my artistic little sister to draw little lips, eyes or eyebrows accordingly on them in order to avoid ending up with lipstick on my eyebrows or eyeliner on my lips. Best idea ever!
Foundation brush
Nothing special, a decent foundation brush, no shedding whatsoever.
Concealer brush
Another good brush but it doesn't stand out. I like to use it for cream formulas, for concealing imperfections or correcting hard to reach areas such as nose, undereye area etc...

Overall these brushes are great, and very well priced!!!
In Montreal these brushes can be found in any Jean Coutu and Walmart, for cheaper.