Lush Cacas

I have been using henna to colour my hair for a few years now.After a bit of experimentation and research I have found Light Mountain Henna to be the best out there, and I`ve stuck with it ever since. The only problem is, it`s such a hassle getting it in Montreal; the only store that carries it has very little stock, I need to order months in advance and it takes forever to get them in.
So I decided to give Lush cacas a try when I realised my henna wasn`t going to make it in before the holidays, and my roots were showing. The girls at Lush, as usual, were very nice,helpful and surprisingly knowledgeable, I don`t think I was ever able to actually conversed with anyone about henna up until then, so that was a pleasant surprise. The hennas not so, I am afraid.
I followed the instructions, a bit unusual from my usual henna routine, which is a lengthy and meticulous project. This time I just had to grind the big block of henna, add water and use.The essential oils and all the good stuff was already in there, so I did like that part, the part where I didn`t have to add my own essential oils, let the colour develop for a whole day and only then use.
I kept it on overnight, as usual and was very surprised to see the colour came out great! I decided to go with the brown henna, over my reddish hair and it turned out a great darkish brown with wonderful auburn tints, just perfect for winter. The sad part is... it didn`t last. Within 2 weeks there they were... same roots, in all their glory, an entire different colour from the rest of my hair, which, to my surprise kept a nice shade of brown. Basically, the henna didn`t catch to my bare hair, it stayed well on the already henna-ed part, but failed to cover my main problem area, my blonder roots.
I was very disappointed. The Lush henna is a little pricey for henna, and the fact that it didn`t perform as it should was a huge letdown.
From my vast experience, I believe that the cocoa butter, while hydrating and nourishing, was to blame. Whenever I had used my plain henna mixture and skipped the oil part I ended up with a wonderful colour that lasted considerably longer than when I did mix various essential oils in. I never experienced super dry hair, and I can honestly see no difference in the overall quality of my tresses.
So that`s that! I love Lush products, but their henna was a miss for me. So I am back to my old henna... Light Mountain does the trick and I am very happy with the results.

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