Lush masks Love Lettuce

I have quite the experience when it comes to face masks, so i was relucant when I got this product, I mean, how good can it be? Could it beat my many traditional face masks recipes?
I grabbed a jar, and after using it a few times, i have to say, I'm impressed.
Altough the mask is designed for normail to oily skin, I didn`t find it drying or harsh, like a clay mask. It left my skin feeling, clean, exfoliated, yet hydrated.   Nice!  I do find the texture is too dry and have a hard time with the application, I like to mix a bit of lemon juice in it or honey in order to make it runnier. Sometimes I also like to open a capsule or two of bromelain and papain (enzymes from pineapply or papaya ), that act as fruit acids, gently exfolating and melting away dead cells. My skin can take it and I love experiemnting with crazy things, and that is how I have learned that this combination of indgredients can be very harsh if left on for too long. 10 mins is all I need.
Bottom line, I am impressed with Lush masks. The smell good, feel good and work well. Very nice masks, probably the best I have ever bought!