Make Up Forever Hd foundation

My ultimate goal in beauty is to achieve that flawless, impeccable, glowy skin "look". Whether I try feeding my skin from the inside with great supplements, trying to figure out the perfect skin care routine, and the ideal skincare products or just looking for the ultimate foundation or make up application technique... since I can remember all I have wanted was to have GREAT SKIN.
I kinda have figured out my diet, discovered and have worked with wonderful supplements to help me overcome certain issues, tried and tested hundreds of cleansers, masks and devices to help me reveal that glow,and... I`ve kinda realised that it all comes down to make-up. I`ll never ever look as good as I want without make-up. Period. I can`t fight hormones, weather, stress or genes. But I can sure try to hide `em!  So I gave been on this mission trying to find the perfect foundation.
I want coverage, natural look and feel, non commedogenic, long wear, lightweight, transfer resistant and just look good. Sounds familiar ladies?
Recently i was lucky enough to try the most amazing foundation in my opinion. The famous Make Up Forever HD Foundation! yeah, it truly is that amazing! Basically, for the first time, my boyfriend is happy with my make up routine. He was amazed on how good and natural my skin looked, on the fact that he wasn't covered on make up every time we hugged; and I, I lived everything about it.
I managed to find a summer make up routine, I have discovered mineral make up and was happy with it for the warm season, however as soon as the cold weather kicked it, and my skin started getting drier and drier the mineral powders  started to look unnatural, would kinds crack on my skin; it become impossible just figuring out what type of moisturizer to use, I desperately needed moisture yet, a rich cream would make the application of my powders impossible. I have been through a sort of foundation rehab to get off those thick products, yet here I am... forced to go back. I walked into a Sephora, determined to find the best alternative put there, and I was lucky enough to stumble upon this great girl working there who convinced me to give this baby a try. Wow. What a difference!
This has to be the most malleable foundation I have ever worked with. It looks so so soooo great, so natural, it stays put the whole day keeping a natural look, it feels lightweight yet it covers nicely while blending into the skin. I never had a no problems with it clogging, my pores and never had any trouble removing it at night. And yes, it photographs wonderfully! The Hd powder not so much.
Overall this is a higher priced foundation, but well worth the money. I still have a t least 10 bottles of cheaper (not cheap!!! ) foundation hanging around in my make-up boxes from previous seasons. I have used the MUFE Hd till the last drop!

I have also tried the primer of the line, which failed to impress. Skip it. My make up looked heavy, kinda counteracting the whole concept of the foundation.
The HD powder cakes on. I have tried numerous brushes and application techniques, yet it doesn't do anything for me, and we already know it doesn't look good in pictures. I honestly prefer a regular powder to set my make up, and the results look so much better.

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