Clarisonic MIA

I have been using this device for over a month now, and I think I have had plenty of time to assess it.
We all know by now, that it's supposed to clean your skin very well, remove irremovable make-up and dirt, exfoliate gently, making all creams and products penetrate and work that much better...
I wanted this product for so long and all of a sudden my old fashioned masks, exfoliators, and other creams and lotions seemed useless, ineffective.
So I was super thrilled when I got this for Christmas... my boyfriend is an angel! I got the MIA version. Originally I really wanted the Classic, or the Pro... but my boyfriend made me realise the MIA is the most convenient one. Compact, reasonable price, one speed, ("high" vs the Classic which has "high" and "low").
So far I like it. A lot. I go to sleep with a clear conscience, knowing and feeling that my skin is squeaky clean. I was already pretty good at taking care of my skin. Exfoliating religiously, masks, peels... my skin was in a pretty good condition to begin with, yet I would still get the occasional breakouts, dry patches and all that exciting stuff. Well, I am happy to report my skin looks and feels better. Make up removal in the evening it's not a dreadful and lengthy process.Clarisonic makes it easy and painless. I am not scrubbing my face with crazy cleansers and exfoliators in the hope of achieving that clean feeling and making sure my skin is free of makeup residue and dirt. As for the other claims, I didn't have a lot of lines or wrinkles to begin with, yet I don't have any need for exfoliators or frequent abrasive face masks.
So, Clarisonic has simplified my beauty routine, it's effective and does exactly I need it to... help me clean my skin, in a gentle and quick manner. I also have to point out that this item has saved me money; I used to always buy a new cleanser, exfoliator, mask, etc and end up throwing it out after a few uses, disappointed with the results. I now use one basic cleanser and let the Clarisonic do all the work. Thumbs up!

In Montreal, you can buy the Clarisonic at Sephora.