Weleda is a natural skincare company that has so much to offer... great, clean products that can care for your skin, the natural way. I have to admit that while trying out various natural, bio cosmetics, I have been disappointed. I wanted to go green but the results weren't there. God knows how many times I wound up scrubbing my bathtub with pricey organic shampoos or slathering bio fancy face lotions on my feet and elbows.
Well, I'm happy to report Weleda is different. Their products are truly amazing and I was really impressed to see they have improved their lines, after being in business for about 90 years. I did find certain products' smell to strong, and had a hard time understanding their lines and figuring out which product is right for me.
So, I will try to review some of the new products as I try them out, and hopefully help others give them a try and enjoy the benefits.
Basically their skincare lines divide into 4 major groups:
This is a vague, general classification but I wouldn't be afraid to experiment and play around with the products. After all, some of the ingredients are featured in all lines, and most of the other are known to be beneficial for multiple skin conditions.
To give you an idea,I have a combination skin, normal, prone to a bit of shine on my T zone yet drying the cheek area. I also am in my young 20s, live in Canada and have to endure intense weather conditions and still battle random hormonal or stress related breakouts.

Almond soothing facial care

I decided to go with a few of the Almond line products this winter, although I don't fit the "sensitive" description, I really wanted to go for a bit of more hydration. Their Almond line had two moisturizers, a light one and a rich one. I was afraid they might be too rich for me, but I was delighted to see how well they were absorbed by my skin, how well they hydrated and how well they wore under make-up;also I like the fact that these products in particular are fragrance free.
Cleansing Milk
It's a gentle cleanser, great for removing make-up. It is soothing, works well and gentle, making it especially suitable for sensitive skin.
Soothing Almond Facial Lotion
A light moisturizer, my skin just slurps it up. It really hydrates without leaving and greasy residue behind, making it really great for prepping the skin before makeup.
Soothing Almond Facial Cream
This is a richer version of the above product. Very moisturizing and... rich. I would use this during winter or over night for a boost of moisture, or just over a serum. I find it too rich to be worn under make-up.
Soothing Almond Facial Oil
Food for the skin. A nourishing, delightful product meant to help sensitive skin, give you back that glow, hydrate and moisturize all while its miraculous ingredients feed your skin. I would go as far as saying that this could be a great treatment for any kind of skin problem including oily kinds. It will eventually help regulate sebum production and restore balance to the skin.

So that is the Almond Line.
I will try to review other Weleda products in the future.