Hair Mask Series : Coconut Oil

Lately there has been so much buzz around coconut oil. Aside from the awesome taste and great health benefits, this oil can be a great tool in our natural beauty regimen. One of my favourite uses for it is using it as a hair mask. I just heat up a small quantity of virgin coconut oil, on a double boiler (microwave works fine too) and then just rub it throughout my hair, wrap it up and let it soak up for as long as possible. I do need to shampoo twice (another trick is let the shampoo sit in for a minute or so) to get it out well, and the condition as usual
The result is strong, great, shiny hair, less noticeable split ends and super volume. Give it a try!
You can get coconut oil at any health food store, just make sure you get the real stuff, that actually smells like coconut.