Loreal Extra-Volume Collagen

This is a mascara that is supposed to give you super volume. It claims to enhance your lashes 12 times, making them look fuller, thicker, longer and more separated. My experience and verdict? Well, how do I put this nicely? It's not a good mascara. I was not happy with it. It has a nice thick brush, and I believe if a mascara has a good brush, it's a home run, not this time though. As promising as the brush looks the formula is terrible. It's hard to get any volume with this product; I have pretty good lashes and after two coats I look like I barely have any product on, my lashes took sparse, very flimsy and... natural looking. Not the look I was going for, when I got this. Another problem I have had with the formula is that it's very very hard to build on. I have never had a mascara that dried so fast on the lashes, making it impossible to add more layers on. By the time I have managed to cover my all my lashes the brush was already getting stuck and clumpy. In the end I would have to give up on it and just settle for average looking lashes.
Last but not least, taking it off at night was another challenge. My lashes were hard, and it took forever to melt the product. I usually use simple olive oil to remove my eye make-up, a simple yet effective technique that;s gentle on the eyes and removes any trace of mascara, eyeliner or shadow. Not this time. As much as I rubbed and soaked my lashes I had a hard time getting the mascara off, I have tried specific eye make up remover with not much luck either. It took a long time and I felt that ultimately I was rubbing my eyes way to hard and brutalizing my eyelashes in order to get them clean.
Overall, not a good mascara in my opinion.