Rouge Nail Bar Montreal review

I have a confession. I am very self-conscious about my feet and kind of obsessed with my nails. I need to have nail polish on at all times and regularly manicure my nails, after all my grandma used to always say that the hands are the first thing people notice about you and always make a first impression.
Last summer I worked up the guts to go for a mani-pedi, along with my sister and get go ahead and get pampered. I choose Rouge Nail Bar for a few reasons. It caught my eye as a cool place, when strolling along t Laurent street, with it`s nice, comfy and inviting armchairs outside the store on the sidewalk, with its sleek design and big plasma Tvs playing Sex and the City over and over again... looked and sounded like a dream to me. My first experience in the st Laurent location wasn`t so nice. I remember a lady being rude and grumpy, made me feel horrible for having her do my pedicure, I almost apologized and walked out of there vowing to never step foot into a nail salon again. My nails were a mess, she used a dried up nail polish that creased and took forever to dry, at work later that week people were actually asking what has happened to my usually polished nails, and why they look so disastrous. The place was clean, everything was clean and sterilized, no complains in that department.
Last week I decided to give it another try, and because I`ve had this GC about to expire that my boyfriend has given me on my birthday, I went for it, this time choosing the more convenient (in my opinion) location, on Fairmount; right across the street from Fairmounts bagels. I am so glad I went. I have had a truly great experience.
The salon is very modern, comfortable couches and nail bar, all facing huge plasma TV`s playing the greatest chick flicks, making the experience that much more enjoyable.
I had a mani pedi with paraffin, and it took about 3 hours in total. The girl taking care of me was very very attentive and nice, she did a great job; she was nice and sweet, gentle and made me feel so so comfortable. The paraffin was wonderful, it left my feet and hands feeling so smooth and felt like the icing on the cake after all the filing and scrubbing and soaking and cuticle trimming.
Rouge offers a great variety of colours to choose from, right when you enter you are welcomed and then have to pick your preferred colour from a huge display of OPI nail polishes. I chose a nice deep red, I don`t remember the exact name. This time the colour was fresh and went on smooth. After a base coat, another two coats of colour and a top coat were applied, and this is where the problems started. I waited as long as I could for the colour to somewhat set, over an hour for my toes, but due to the fact that spring doesn't kick in Montreal until summer, I couldn`t leave in flip flops unless I would have wanted blue toes to compliment the toenails, so I had to put my shoes on. When I got home, I sadly noticed that the colour was all smudged. I had to take it all off, and reapply both to nail and toenails. It`s not such a big deal, after all most of the big stuff was done, but still, when you get a mani or a pedi you wanna strut around with perfect nails for a least a few days without having to worry about it, let alone, reapply it all over, wait another few hours and all that. It had turned into a mani-pedi day somehow.
Overall, I have had a good experience this time, at Rouge Nail Bar. The service was good, the girls were friendly and the results above average, at least compared to my first visit. I am glad I went back. If you want a real treat, and feel like getting pampered check them out.
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