Clarins Lip Perfector

These have to be the most luscious, delicious lipglosses I have ever tried. They come in a squeeze tube, with one of those old fashioned flurry tip applicators. The best part about these glosses are the fact that they hydrate and moisturize while looking all glossy and sultry and smelling deliciously. Seriously, these glosses have to be the best smelling glosses I have ever had! They smell insanely delicious! The only downside is the fact that they can be quite sticky, and Montreal is always windy, so a sticky lippie can be a major inconvenience, as any free strand of hair ends up stuck to my mouth. Don't expect any colour pay off either, I have both lippies in the picture and can't tell the difference. Aside from that, thumbs up. Luscious, soft, yummy smelling lips!
I got mine at Murale, but there's a few drugstores that carry it as well around MTL.

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