Hard Candy Meteor-eyes Baked Eyshadow

The shade I decided to try out was an apparent gorgeous green, 276 Space Cadet. I have heard great things about Hard Candy's Mineral Baked eyeshadow, some even comparing to the Mac Ones. I grabbed two, from the two ranges and decided to give them a try.
Well, Space Cadet sucked. Its a single eyeshadow, dome shaped, plenty of product for about 6$CA. So far so good. But the pigmentation is horrible, the shadow is full of this chunky horrible glitter, its chalky, it doesn't spread nicely and uniformly. Huge, massive fail. I wouldn't even dare to put that stuff around my eyes, I am too afraid one of those chunky glitter particles is gonna get in my eye and scratch my cornea.
Bottom line, pass on this one.
You can find Hard Candy at Walmart.

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