Lush Love Lettuce Face Mask

I have confessed my love for Lush face masks, a while ago, and here I am with yet another review, this time of the famous Love Lettuce mask, or as I like to call it my face saviour.
In general I love making my own masks and I thought I was pretty good at it, until I tried this baby out and realised how much creativity I was lacking. I love the mix of various ingredients, in this case gentle ground almonds, exfoliation ground almond shells to handle the tougher stuff, kaolin and fullers earth to detoxify and suck out all the nasty impurities, almond and lavender oil to relax, calm down and rehydrate skin and my favourite, chlorophyll the master cleanser.
I love the feel and smell of this mask. I lather it on, relax while the mask dries a bit and sucks out all impurities then wash it of while rubbing in circular motion, exfoliating away dirt and dead cells. I love the fact that after all this my skin does not feel tight and dried out, as it often happens with my clay masks. The lavender and almond oil really hydrate and leave my skin supple and moist after all that cleaning and scrubbing. Gotta love it!
I use this mask when my skin feels dull, dirty or just clogged up. It's a quick way to refresh and liven up my face.
And remember, save the Lush pots, for every five empty ones they reward you with a fresh mask! Check them out!

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