Orange Lips

Orange lips are so in right now, and I couldn't help but want to experiment with this new trend, only to find out its not as easy pulling off the bold lips. So, I experimented around, and after a bit of research I managed to find different ways of sporting orange tinted lips.
I will take this opportunity to derail a bit, and step into the coral land, which allowed me to play down the above mentioned colour and integrate it into summery, sunny looks.
Here are a few swatched of lippies I have been playing with a lot recently, all in the coral-orange range.

Morange is a big one of course, and can be muted down with a nude under or mixed with it, but sometimes I still find it a bit too much. That's when Smoked Peach came into my life. It was love at first swatch. Its a sort of nude with a hint of orange, making for a beautiful, toned down orange lip. Peeerfect! The two gorgeous Mac Lippies from the Peacocky collection are one of my faves, perfect texture, and finish, a wonderful blend between a lipgloss and lipstick, both very coraly, perfect for summer. So Vain leans towards nude while Exxhibitionist gives a punch of colour. Not quite orange but just enough coral. Debut from Lancome is a nice pinky coral, a  pretty sheer and light, think Costa Chick toned down,but gives enough pigmentation so that even those shy of colour can feel comfortable enough wearing it.

So those are my thoughts on the orange trend...
Revlon- Smoked Peach 

Mac - So vain

Mac- Exxxhibitionist
Lancome- Debut

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