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I enjoy finding great beauty tools, and I enjoy not feeling ripped of. So I enjoy my Sigma Brushes very much. I wanted and needed to build my brush collection and it became hard trying to find all the right brushes, doing research in the hope of finding out a great set that won't break my bank and all signs seemed to be pointing towards Sigma.
I have to mention, I do not own any MAC makeup brushes so far, I kinda could not justify spending that much money on them, especially when there are so many options out there these days. More and more companies come up with excellent quality brushes for much less. So this was a no brainer for me.
I have the Pink set and I will try to review each brush individually and see where this goes.
Large powder brush -F50
Great brush for applying powder; a full,smooth, just dense enough brush for a light application. It washes well, I did not notice any shedding or bleeding, it hold its shape very well even without the brush guard. I love the big sturdy handle, the well made ferrule and the quality and texture of the natural bristles.

Due fibre-F50
This has to be the brush I have wanted the most. I wanted a stippling brush for sooooo long. It is the one brush I might purchase from MAC just to be able to compare them. I have tried this brush for just about anything, from applying foundation (not a huge fan) to blushes, powder, cream blushes, highlighters and it worked very well for everything. I love using it for blush application as I have a heavy hand, and this brush makes it easier for me to get it right. It washes well, but after a few months, I recently noticed some shedding and bleeding; there's black bleeding into the white bristles.

Large Angled Contour - F40

Made out of natural bristles, this brush in angled and great for contouring or, even better, for blush application. It's a great brush, nothing spectacular, it does what it should and performs well. It feels soft and smooth, and washes really well with no shedding noticed.

Foundation - F60

 This is a typical foundation brush, made out of synthetic bristles, great for foundation application. It helps me get an uniform application, however I am not a huge fan of foundation brushes in general, I find it can streak at times and it can take a lot of hard work to get a flawless finish. I simply don't like foundation brushes in general and I do find this one in particular is average, sometimes I wish the bristles were shorter and finer, but that's about it.

Concealer - F70

I have underestimated this brush initially, probably due to the fact that previous concealer brushes I've owned just didn't seem worth spending extra 10 minutes in make up routine each morning to conceal blemishes. To be honest they never blended well enough nor have they covered spots well, so I would just skip over this step and eventually just cake on more foundation, until I would feel safe. Well, inspired by a Lisa Elridge video where she shows and explains how spot concealing and a light layer of foundation can help achieve a cleaner, less heavy look. So I gave this brush a try; it is smaller than most concealer brushes I own, making blending so much easier, depositing the right amount of concealer where needed, allowing for a flawless result. Totally worth the extra 5 minutes... I love this brush, it's like a soft touch, providing the right amount of coverage and allowing to gently melt it into the rest of the make-up.

Eye Liner - E05

This is a "thin tipped" brush, making ideal for recreating an eyeliner line. It's an okay brush, I don't get along with it that well, I personally prefer an angle tipped brush and would use this one to pack on colour, ie apply powder over a gel liner to intensify and make it last longer. It's not a bad brush, not at all, it's just that I am not comfortable with it as much as other brushes to apply eyeliner.

Small Angle - E65
This is an ideal brush for eyeliner application in my opinion. I use it apply gel and cream liners as well as certain coloured pencils or just powder along my lash line. It can also be very handy to fill in your eyebrows. It's a great great brush, the only comment I would have to make is that it can be too small. I personally prefer the Ecotools angle tipped eyeliner brush, as it is thinner yet longer, making it easier to apply, allowing for a more precise application, at lest for me. 

Pencil - E30

Such a fun brush. Ideal for smudging eyeliner, filling in that external corner with great precision when doing a smokey eye, defining the crease and blending in any harsh lines you might wanna soften. Great addition to any brush collection.

Tapered Blending - E40

If you wear eye make-up you simply must own this brush. It is the best at applying overall colour all over the lid, blending, evening out any shadow or even toning down any look you might have overdone.This brush is essential, it brings any look together and allows you to blend any shadow for the best result possible. It's made out of natural bristles and feel wonderful on your lids.

Eye Shading - E55

Great brush for packing on colour. Bristles are dense,soft and short and allow for great precise application. It seems to me it brings out colour in any eyeshadow, it's especially great at packing on pigments with minimal fallout. Great great brush overall.

Large Shader - E60

This brush is less dense and has longer bristles, making it ideal for primer application. I haven't used this yet for cream colours, especially highly pigmented ones because I find it'll streak.So far it's been ideal for primer application, or random other sues such as eye shadow or even concealing undereye circles, especially when working with a dense cream formula. It's an okay brush, but nothing spectacular.

Medium Angled Shading - E70

 This is such a great brush, it's angled, tapered, ideal for working in the crease line, In my opinion, highlighting under the brows or just touching any hard to reach area. I love it in the crease line, to help blend or apply shadow with a soft yet defined result. I truly love this brush, it's dense enough, smooth and works great.

So, there it is. A quick review of the professional kit, that comes with everything you might need. I own the pink one, but chose to use more professional pictures of from the sigma website for general descriptions. The brushes come with a quite brush roll that can hold everything in place and make it ideal for travel.
You can buy Sigma only online, from their website, and although I didn't have to deal with them yet, I've heard great things about their customer service.
The brushes are an overall good quality, I am very very pleased with them. They can make such a huge difference in your make-up application. It's so much fun to be able to work with colours and have so many told to help you achieve the best result ever.
Visit Sigma here .

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