Summer Anti Cellulite Regimen

I let loose this past winter, with food, with exercise, with everything. Today, with the weather really heating up it hit me, summer is kinda here and unless I wanna melt, soon I;m gonna have to slip into shorts and ditch the nylons, exposing my legs. I am sporting a few bumps here and there so I need to get into a anti-cellulite regimen pronto. Here's the plan. Aside from vowing to eat well, which I already do,drinking min. 2 L of water daily I need to get moving. I won't jump on the treadmill and run until I'm numb, but rather walk, jog, run for the bus as often as possible.
In terms of my beauty/cosmetic regimen I'm pulling out the big guns:
This is a cheap yet effective technique the stimulates circulation and lymph flow, while gently exfoliating away dead cell, prepping the skin to receive anti-cellulite treatments or creams. You start from the bottom up. Brush your feet in long strokes with the brush, always up, or towards the heart. In stubborn areas, such as knees or the dreaded orange peel thighs I tend to go crazy, and rub in circular motion, until the skin becomes flushed. Then I proceed up, up towards my upper torso, again with long strokes, covering my abdomen, love handles, whatever portion of the back I can reach finishing with arms, shoulders and neck. Voila. Exfoliated skin, stimulated circulation. ready to jump int he shower. Get a natural bristle brush from a local health store, its cheap and with proper care will last you for ages!
My favourite home made scrub is coffee grains. Save the filter with grains from your morning brew and rub them all over your thighs and buttocks. Rinse, finish shower. This will exfoliate as well as activate circulation with the caffeine content.

On the freshly exfoliated skin applied desired cellulite cream or oil, in a gentle then increasingly firmer massage.  I allow it to absorb for a few minutes, or if it's night time I slip into this thing I have, some sort of pants made out of this thick plastic material that allows me to sweat like crazy overnight and get up one size down in the morning.

After a few weeks of sticking to my regimen, I always see results. Always.
I also love, making my own anti cellulite mixes aside from trying out different creams and lotions.
This is my masterpiece:
- 1 cup base oil (almond oil will do)
- 15 drops black pepper EO (activates circulation)
- 15 drops juniper EO (diuretic, eliminates water and drains the tissues)
- 15 drops cinnamon EO (activates circulation)
- 15 drops rosemary EO (tonifies, stimulates circulation)
- 15 drops ginger EO (activates circulation, drains)
Mix them all in a dark glass bottle and use as your anti cellulite cream.
Another trick is, I macerated cayenne pepper (ground into powder) into the original almond oil for about two weeks. I simply put a few tablespoons of cayenne, mixed it with the oil and let it sit, shaking the jar occasionally. After 2 weeks, I strained the oil and used the resulting cayenne almond oil as my base. Cayenne works wonders. This trick can be used as a pain relieving oil, or in this case it will activate circulation and work in conjunction with the essential oils. I also might alter the recipe depending of what oils I might have laying around. I might add celery seed EO, Parsley seed EO, Oregano EO, Lemon Eo, Orange EO, Sage EO, Cypress EO (!!!!), Grapefruit Eo ... etc. There are many many essential oils out there that have wonderful benefits.I might add, it might seem pricey to purchase them all at once, but I guarantee you it's gonna be a great investment and save you tons of money in the long run. Get a few essential oils to begin with, they are so versatile and you can use them in virtually any cosmetic way possible. For example, rosemary, I will use it in my anti cellulite mix, as well as steam baths, in my diffuser, in my body lotion or in my hair masks. It's amazing for hair. A bottle will last me for one year and I will literally use it to tone up my legs, activate circulation, steam my face, do hair treatments and face masks. All this for under 15$.
The Internet is a wonderful resource for tons of recipes when it comes to aromatherapy and home made beauty treatments and essential oils are, well, essential! I have had many many pleasant experiences with them and would gladly share them all with others.
For now, I'm on a mission. Get into my shorts by July.

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