wetNwild *Color Icon Eyeshadow trio*

Wow wow wow. Who would have thought? Amazing eyeshadows, at your local drugstore for a super price? Wet N Wild, a forgotten brand reminiscent of my old days, back in high school when I first started experimenting with make-up and bought my first few cosmetics from my local superstore.
Recently I have seen all this raving reviews about these eyeshadows, over and over again, everywhere on forums, reviews sites, beauty blogs... I hunted them down and decided to try them out, after all I had nothing to loose with such a low price.
I am so happy to report that these eyeshadows are totally worth the hype. They are so pigmented, smooth, buttery almost, so easy to blend, minimal to no fallout and last forever. Actually, I happen to have very greasy eyelids, I need major priming before any eyeshadow, I have tried numerous high and low end brands, and all of them crease without primer, some even with. Well, these wetNwild eyeshadows stayed put, with no creasing the entire day with NO primer. That alone, blew me away.
Overall these eyeshadows are not only very very reasonably priced, they are also amazing quality, in every aspect. They come in complimentary colour trios, to create various smokey looks, as well as in singles and palettes containing 6 colours, usually half matte half sheer/shimmery. The packaging is very compact, ideal for travel, but I chose to depot a few of mine, and stored it in a bigger palette for convenience. They depot very well.

That's about it. Big thumbs up! I have nothing but positive things to say about these eyeshadows, all of them. I am still very surprised by wetNwild, I would have to say it's the last brand I would have expected to come out with such a great product; good for them and keep them coming!

In Montreal you can find wetNwild at Walmart (best prices I've seen so far), as well as Zellers and a few other drugstores. For some reason, most pharmacy chains don't tend to carry them, at least I've never been able to locate one.
*pictures from wNw website