Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

So, in my eternal quest for the perfect foundation I gave in and got Vita Lumiere Aqua, in the hopes I'll find another great product to help me achieve that dewy perfect skin.
Here is what it claims to do for you:

First, what I need to talk about, since it's the very first thing you notice, is the smell. I am not sensitive to smell generally, my skin can take a lot, hell, I can apply pure essential oils to my dermis and experience no discomfort whatsoever. Vitalumiere Aqua has this smell, sort of fresh smell but for some reason it irritated both me and my skin. I didn't like it. At all. I definitely prefer my foundation to be odourless, so the fragrance did not sit well with me.
The texture is very light and liquidy offering minimal coverage. It did not succeed at evening out my complexion as well as I would have liked it too, i can say I get much more coverage with a tinted moisturizer. I tried spot concealing but the difference between the two was too much, I had a hard time evening it all out, even with a light concealer or corrector. This foundation is so sheer and light that it felt almost transparent, allowing every minor imperfection show, to mo horror.  On the other hand it blends nicely, when applied with a foundation brush it doesn't streak and obviously it looks very natural.
I was sort of disappointed with the colour selection, the MUA matched me up with the closest shade in the line, but I have yellow undertones and the foundation was way too neutral and pale. I felt and looked washed out.
When it comes to performance it did well. I even went biking in the sun with the product on, and to my surprise it didn't melt or fade away, nor did I look like a lightbulb at the end of the day. Even on regular days, after 14 hrs of wear it looked decent, not great, but decent.
Overall this product is so-so. It's not the worst foundation I have ever tried but it's far from good in my opinion, and definitely does not justify the price tag. Ultimately it failed the boyfriend test, my boyfriend vetoed it the first time he saw me. Honestly I don't know what he looks for, from I managed to get out of him is appearance and wear ( if he ends up wearing my foundation after a kiss), but he is spot on with his "reviews" and I always value his opinions.
I know a lot of ladies like this product, and sadly I am not one of them. All I can say is, ask for a sample before purchasing. This foundation did not live up to my *high* expectations.
You can get Vitalumiere at the Chanel counter at The Bay.

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