KleanColor Crack review

I was so so happy this morning as I walking into this random drugstore and I stumbled upon these cracked nail polishes. I cannot find any China Glaze around here and have been on the hunt for a the famous OPI one but never found one. I was so excited to find a cheap dupe, and I mean cheap... about 2.50 each. However... here it comes! These products were a HUGE fail!!!! I mean, this have to be the worst nail polishes I have ever tried!
Here is what they claim:
'Trend-setting shades with a top-quality formula long-lasting, chip-resistant nail lacquer.'
The instructions say:
- Apply fresh nail polish to bare nails
- Apply Crack to partially wet nails
-Wait 3-5 mins add top coat.
So, basically unlike other crack nail polishes, you apply this one on partially wet nail polish, rather then on a dry one. And you need to lock it in with a clear polish.
I tried applying it on dry polish, after all the beauty of crackle polishes is to prolong a manicure, I topically apply my China glaze after a few days of colour, and when I don't have time to redo my nails. The KleanColor went on, dried, cracked and blew away! Literally as I was blowing on it to dry the pieces of cracked polish blew off my nail. Ok. I followed instructions, I applied the Crack on partially wet nail polish. It dried, and once again, within half an hour it rubbed of my nails. I restarted the process all over again, I put on nail polish on bare nails, applied Crack, and after a few minutes locked it in with a resistant top coat. When doing the last step, pieces of the crack started sliding around, messing up the entire effect and dried in layers. An hour later the polish was not entirely set and the finish looked, well simply gross. I took it off, and gave up.
The colours itself are okay, depending on which colour you use, I got a red, a deep purple and a blue. Its not as opaque as China Glaze, it totally modifies the underneath colour and changes depending on your base. When it comes to the crackle effect, it does not crack as nice as OPI or China Glaze. It barely shows any colour underneath and looks really like you just layered weird colour one on top of the other. The purpose of crackles is to keep their true colour without impacting the one underneath, in order to create that gorgeous effect, right? Again, KleanColor Crack disappointed.
Bottom line, terrible product! Huge miss. This has to be the worst nail polish experience ever.
Colour applied on freshly painted nails

 Half an hour after... rubbing away

I got mine at Uniprix, in the West Island, just for refference.

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