Lise Watier Portfolio Corrector

Talk about a perfect product! So versatile, so easy to use, so multi purpose and compact!
I finally gave in and got this concealer and I cant say how much I love it.
In a little pot you get healthy amounts of 5 different correctors, an ivory one, a darker one and a yellowy beige (for under eye circles), along with a green and light lilac one for correcting redness and illuminating.
I was worried about the texture, I have tried countless correctors and texture always seems to be hugest problem, they either don't blend nicely or literally crack, especially when used under the eye area. Well, this one had no issues, it is so creamy and easy to work with, it blends seamlessly giving a wonderfull flawless finish that lasts a long time. The beige-yellow shade works great for my undereye circles, while the ivory shade works great as a primer and for evening out discoloration anywhere around the face; the brownish shade is perfect for detailed contouring such as the nose. The lilac shade is a great illuminator, pop it on top of the cheekbones, under the brown bone, bridge of the nose and cupids bow while the green part is great for concealing any red area.
 I also love using the neutral shades in order to get a perfect nude lip, I have the hardest time finding a good neutral lippie and this creamy palette lets me play with various shades of nude  to get that muted lip. Another interesting trick is that if I use the lilac or green shade as a eye primer it helps bring out purples or greens; it won't make that huge of a difference but it works well.
Overall, the texture and performance of this product is beyond great! You get great amount of product for the price and a great variety of colours to experiment with. This little gem is all I need for a perfect face.

You can find Lise Watier at any local drugstore or cosmetics departemnt.

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