Urban Decay - Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer

I am on a tinted moisturizer roll lately. I have discovered how amazing it can be and want more and more and more. I have already describer my first experience with Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer and although I love it, I can't commit, I need to try out more of them and see what else it's out there.
I love Urban Decay, I am in Love with their eyeshadows and I literally jumped with joy when walking by a local Sephora I spotted their entire display, a whole shelf inside. Finally. Urban Decay, here in Montreal! We are making so much progress!
I got two of their newly relaunched Tinted Moisturizer one in Halo and one in Bodyguard, the former a light one and the latter slightly darker. It's summer after all and I tend to be a sort of chameleon this time of year, you never know whether I tan or be milky white. I also tend to get two colours of foundation for example whenever possible, and custom match my own shade. I purchased these items online and had no idea which one would suit me so I decided to play safe.
I am a NC 25 by now and Halo suited me quite well. I have tried it mixed with Bodyguard but it came out too dark and intense for me, so I have decided to stick with Halo.
The texture is ok, it blends in well but not as nicely as I would have liked it too. It doesn't disappear into my skin as I would have expected it to, and the finish is not exactly flawless. I find it a tad too rich, borderline oily, making it impossible to work over it with powder or blush without looking cakey.
Coverage is minimal but it evens out my complexion decently. I simply cover up spots with my corrector and I am good to go.
It does have an SPF of 20, but I don't care for that very much. I am not a huge fan of SPF for many many reasons, which I will try to elaborate some day, but on my face I don't mind it.
It lasts well throught the day, however it is very moisturizing and had to switch over to a lighter base. I usually use Weleda Iris day cream, but have found myself reaching for the Weleda iris Lotion instead, which is much much lighter and allowing this tinted moisturizer to sit better on my skin. It is a bit too rich for my liking, I which it was lighter, sometimes if I over do it my face can feel sticky which is not exactly the look I am usually going for. It might look oily at times, so a bit of trnslucent powder might come in handy, expecially for photo purposes.
It lasts well throughout the day and feels ok. Not a lot of shine nor do I need to retouch frequently despite the summer heat. Big plus.
Overall this is a good tinted moisturizer but not my favourite. I do like it however, I love the packaging, the pump and I am happy with the colour match and performance. It's worth giving it a try.
I swatched it against a few comparable items I had in my stash at the moment:

For reference my arm is a Nc 25 maybe even 30 now since I got a lot of sun. You can see my real skin colour on my legs, in the background, which is more an Nc 20, the MUFE117 fits me perfectly in the winter time when I return to my paleness.
Apparently the have repackaged the product into a non pump dispenser now, it should loo like this:
In Montreal you can get Urban Decay at Sephora, bot Fairview and Laval have it.

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