Color Club Smash Hit - Crackle Nail Polish

Montreal is famous for its numerous street sales during the summer and to me  these are opportunities to discover new stuff while walking around.Most merchants set up tables of items in the street and just by strolling around you can stumble upon stuff you never knew it existed, you can discover stores and boutiques you would have never known existed otherwise. That is exactly what happened to me yesterday during Ste Catherine's annual street sale, when I came across the booth of a salon selling this "Color Club Nail Polishes",of which a black crackle that totally got me excited. I got one and... success!!!
This is a total dupe of it's most famous counterparts, and its official name is "Smash Hit", but I'll just call it Crackle.
I applied one coat over my 5 day old manicure, Joe Fresh in Tomato, and ta-da! Great results. It crackled beautifully, set easily and have been sporting a perfect cracked out mani ever since.
The consistency is good, comparable to my China Glaze, but you need to work fast as I find these polishes have the tendency to dry up and clump quickly, which can shorten affect its consistency both in the tub and on the nail. It have a somewhat flat brush making for an easy application and it dries up quickly once applied. You can observe the cracks forming within seconds.
I'm on day 2 now and it seems pretty resistant. No chips.I even tried rubbing it off or scratching it to see if there would be damage and I am happy to report there was none.
Overall, great find, great crackle dupe and a great polish.
I want more colours now. :)
If you come across Color Club, get your hands on one and if you were looking for crackles, but live in a city that is so behind all things beauty, like me, look no further. Color Club is up to par, and it performs very very well.

In Montreal, random salons downtown carry the line, or you can just check out their website here.

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