Duo Glam Rouge Infini - Rose Couture Glam

This is a very unique and fun lipstick.
The lipstick is dual ended, one side being a lipstick and the other a long lasting lipstain with a doe foot applicator.
It`s quite unique in the sense that you apply a long lasting stain then finish off with a creamy lipstick. When the lipstick gradually fades throughout the day the stain provides ``colour support`` making the entire look last longer.
I have tried numerous `long lasting`lipsticks, and they all sort of disappointed me. Most formulas involve a long lasting stain and gloss that goes on top. The main problem is that the stain can be very very drying and sticky and cannot be worn alone. The other issue is they rub off during the day in pieces, I often end up with pieces rubbed off and a nasty looking lip. I am also so sick and tired of the same formula over and over again... cant a girl get a long lasting lipcolour that has a different finish than gloss?
Duo Glam is ingenious in the sense that it offers a base for a lipstick. The stain formula is great, moisturizing and lovely looking. I can easily wear it on its on since it`s not drying and it goes on smoothly and dries up to a slightly frosty finish. The lipstick part is my favourite. A great lipstick. It`s insanely creamy, pigmented and has the smoothest finish. It can be easily  on its own. It has a more smooth matte finish balancing out the frostiness of the base.
Duo Glam Rouge Infini has a great lasting power.  I got about 5 hours of wear without any touch ups. As the lipstick part fade away throughout the day the base provided that colour support, significantly prolonging the result.
I have Rose Couture Glam, as the sucker for pinks that I am, I wear it everyday... Its a gorgeous pink, plain and simple!

Thank you Lise Watier for coming up with a long wear formula that has a non glossy finish, a formula that not only looks but feels good.

Lipstick and stain

The stain

The lipstick over the stain


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