Institut Lise Watier

This weekend, it was Laurier Street’s turn for a street sale, and I couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity and stopping by to visit the Lise Watier Institute, see what’s new and finally get a tour of the place. I only managed to go there on Sunday, the street was relatively quiet, ideal in my opinion and to my excitement gave me the opportunity to talk to the Lise Watier staff, and get a tour around the institute.
They had a little beauty tent set up on the street, and a gift with purchase promotion. For me, however the exciting part was actually stepping inside and discovering the Institute. The place is huge, and beautiful. They have a spa, massotherapy, mani-pedis, facial care, hairstyling and ultimately, of course, make-up application.  I had my boyfriend with me, who happens to be professional photographer and I am glad I did as I would have not managed to capture the beauty of this place. They literally have everything to pamper and beautify you.  Kristen, one of the hairdressers was kind enough to give me a detailed tour of the entire place and explain to me in detail all the services they offer.  I loved that this place feels intimate and you can the full treatment in one place. How convenient.
To me, the main focus was the main floor, the makeup section, where you have the huge Lise Watier presentoir, staked with all the delicious Lise Watier goodies, make-up, skin care, nail polish and their famous fragrances. I’ve met two of their gorgeous makeup artists, but we didn’t get a chance to chat too much as everyone wanted a piece of them and they were swamped. I loved how committed they are and how personalized the appointments are. Chloe was truly working her magic, making sure her client is matched with perfect products and teaching her personalized techniques along the way, while Roxanne was attending to the many women walking in with various make-up questions.
It was a very pleasant visit, and I was very impressed with this place. Stay tuned for future events they might have, in case you missed this weekend’s awesome gift with purchase; or go and check them out for yourselves.
I also can’t help but say it... It might be worth a trip to the institute if you want personalized advice on choosing a right product for you, their makeup artists are really experienced and know the products very well, they are true Lise Watier gurus. Ask for Roxanne, Chloe or Annie.
Till later here’s a sneak peek into the magical world of the Lise Watier Institute

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