Spa Resource Stippling Brush

I came across this stippling brush at Walmart and for about 10 bucks decided to give it a go. One of the packages was open and I was sort of impressed by the density of the brush, stippling brushes especially seem hard to find and a lot of times tend to disappoint.
First, I washed the brush. It bled, it shed a bit, but after the 2nd wash shedding diminished considerably. Not the same can be said about the bleeding. However, I have had similar bleeding troubles with other stippling brushes, I have yet to see a review of one that does not bleed.
This brush impressed me. It is incredibly dense. More so than my Sigma one for comparison. The bristles are soft yet stiff, allowing for a great application.
So far it performed very well, whether I have used it for powder, blush or liquid application. It holds its shape exceptionally well and allows for wonderful application and control.
Definitely worth checking it out.
Here are a few photos of the brush compared to my Sigma Stippling Brush.

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