BioSil and What It Did For My Hair

Throught the past years due to numerous health reasons, malnutrition, stress and hormones, my hair has thinned considerably, which made me search for remedies and solutions to fix my problem. Over the ears I tried everything, in the attempt of beautifying me locks, thickening them up and making my hair just grow faster, longer, healthier. I have but just about everything in my hair,from garlic, onions, cayenne, eggs, oils, protein powders or just honey.  I started reading and understanding nutrition and supplements. I was on a very strict supplement regime for years, which to some extent had repaired some of the damage and has addressed the underlying conditions of my hair loss: stress and malnutrition.
From my own experience I found a good B-complex, a good dose of Omega 3s or EFAs, along with adequate intake of protein or BCAA (branch chained amino acids) to be the base, in order to prevent hair loss and offer minimal support. I also liked MSM, and saw a huge difference especially in my nails when taking it. Zinc helped, I usually take it during winter months when I need to benefit from its immune system boosting properties as well.
One supplement I have discovered recently and fell in love with is Biosil. I can safely say that this stuff made a huge difference in my hair, a difference that I could notice.
What is Biosil? For more information go here.
Its basically a very absorbable form of silica, a mineral that we most often like and that plays a huge role in production of collagen.
The way I took it was 10 drops every night in a bit of water, I actually enjoy its taste while others dont, in that case orange juice can be used to disguise the flavour. I did this religiously until I finished my first bottle, which took about 2 months. I prefer drops to capsules, since the liquid form is easier to assimilate and I already take plenty of supplement in pill form.
By this time I have already seen a huge improvement in my hair. Whatever grew was fuller, thicker. It didn't do much so my hair strands, but I did notice that it started growing faster.
I moved on to my second bottle but this time I was much more laid back, I only took 8-10 drops every second or sometimes even third night. Over the past couple of months, I noticed a dramatic improvement in not only the quality of the new hair growth but the rate at which it was growing at. While it would usually take me a couple of weeks, 6-8) to notice roots, this time in about 2 weeks after a colouring you could see the new hair and by the time I would hit my fourth I would need to touch up.
I am still taking my regular supplements, eating well, doing weird masks and treatments but Biosil was for me the missing link. It did exactly what I needed to, it gave my hair that extra push.
Oh yeah, in addition, due to the fact that it boosts collagen production, it could benefit skin, nails, joints and bones. Overall, this is a very interesting supplement that's worth taking a look at.

PS. Please note that hair loss is a symptom of many imbalances and/or deficiencies. This is my own personal experience and opinion.

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