Annabelle and Marcelle Spring 2012 Launch

This week I had the chance to attend The Marcelle and Annabelle event, where both Canadian companies have revealed their new products, scheduled to hit the shelves in the upcoming months, as well as refresh a few items that came out earlier this year.
I am not a very sociable person, so the event was really just an opportunity for me to sink my teeth into the new stuff, ask questions, test and play with the products.

The first new gem I was introduced to was the BIGSHOW lipgloss, by Annabelle.

 A very nice formula, sheer and glossy, yet hydrating and with a light texture. I absolutely loved the fact that this product had no smell. I checked and checked and it's true. I am becoming more and more sensitive to smells, and I find a lot of lipglosses nowadays, heavily scented, which can be a huge turn off; I have a box of them literaly just sitting there, the smell being is so off-putting that I never reach for them.  Another huge plus is the fact that the formula isn't sticky, or viscous.
 Overall, Bigshow really impressed me with its light, sheer, non sticky sticky formula. I have been wearing it for a few days now, and even though I am not the biggest lipgloss fan, I keep reaching for it over and over, embracing the natural glossy look over the heavy lipsticks and pencils.
The coolest part of this event, was the Lip Gloss Bar.

 This was a station where the you could pick your own colours and create your very own custom lip gloss. OMG! I had to sort out all my ideas and come up with just one. I mixed fuchsia, neon pink, blue and coral and ta-da!

A beautiful, soft violet;  just adding a wash of colour, it sort of intensifies my lips and makes them glossy. The colour wears well for about 2-3 hours (I drink a lot of water so, for me, that is the average lasting time for any gloss).
Anabelle also had out their SmudgePaint, this pretty cool gel like eyeliner, with an eyeliner brush neatly incorporated in the packaging. The texture seemed pretty cool, very similar to the Bobbi Brown's Gel Eyeliner, both in texture and pigmentation.

Marcelle had a few products launching as well, an Anti-Aging Skin care line, an eye make-up remover that fortifies your lashes with proteins, while cleansing; and, the star of the night.... a BB Cream!
I got to test and feel this stuff and wow! Texture is perfect, coverage is great, finish is beyond wonderful and.... it matches my skin tone. I love BB creams but the colour matching has been the biggest issue for me, making it virtually impossible to wear the asian ones, without major alterations and contouring, and bronzing and... I actually got a sample and I have been wearing it for a few days now, I am kinda sorta ready to ditch my MUFE HD for this stuff. A more in depth review to come up soon.

I am very excited for the gloss and BB cream. I will do my best to follow up with swatches and reviews soon.

Photos courtesy of John Koo , who was nice enough to tag along and as always, support my obsession with make-up.

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