Philips SatinPerfect Epilator

Hair removal. For me this is such an issue, such a burden. I hate shaving, cannot put up with waxing, cannot afford to commit to laser or electrolysis, so I turned to epilators as my salvation.
Epilators seemed like the right choice for me for many reasons. The pain is moderate, I get to control it, I can do it in the comfort of my own home, whenever I want, however I want, its more than affordable and its super effective.
I have experimented with two generations of Brown for the past years, with more or less success. The latest was the Silk-├ępil , with whom I have have a major love-hate relationship. Actually, looking back at it it was more hate than love. The stuff worked okay for a while, I mean, it got the job done. It wasn't spectacular, it took a few takes to completely remove everything from bigger hairs to frail ones and leave an area completely smooth; it hurt but I learned to bear with it (kinda)... but it helped keep me hair free for longer than a shaver, so I stuck with it. Things went ugly when I started getting frequent ingrown hairs, as the machine managed to rip more hairs than pull; and after a few incidents I decided to give it up for good.

After a year of non-epilating, I decided to give Philips' Satin Perfect a try, after reading a few reviews, taking a look at the description and ... well, being in that state of desperation , as summer was approaching and I found myself stranded again. 
The epilator seemed promising with it's extra wide head and textured ceramic discs, and I can honestly say it 's great! The little sleek machine delivers! It removes hair easily, the little light makes it easier to see what I'm doing, the device itself is light and easy to hold and manage, the head pivots well grabbing the tiniest hairs and fitting into every curve I need it to reach into. I have experienced no ingrown hairs so far. The ceramic discs perform way better than the old fashioned metal ones, managing to grab onto the hairs and pulling them out, with no ripping. The pain is minimal as well and the whole process is fast and less exhausting as the machine removes much more than my old one, leaving my skin much smoother, much faster. Another big plus is the fact that it doesn't heat up as fast, and due to the fact that it removes hairs so much more effectively, I can cover a larger area with less breaks( to let the device cool down). Needless to say, hair removal is not such a huge issue for me anymore. My skin is smoother for longer thanks to the impeccable performance and the epilator's ability to remove everything, including small, tiny hairs. What a relief. I even tried it in the dreaded bikini area and it worked surprisingly well.
The machine comes with various removable heads and it's not cordless.
Overall, I am very happy with my purchase. I am more than pleased with the performance and the results. Thumbs up!!!

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