Where has this product been all my life?
I recently discovered this and I am completely addicted to it. Its absolutely phenomenal!
Basically this innovative top coat is applied on top of freshly applied nail polish and not only allows it to completely dry within minutes but it takes your nail polish from... regular looking to wow! I love the fact that this stuff allows me to do my nails in minutes and the final result is beyond amazing, leaving my nails glossy and significantly prolonging the wear. I tried with polishes that would chip in 2 days and now I can sport the same shade for a week, with it looking just as fresh and shiny as they day I applied it. It removes very easily with my nail polish remover.
This stuff has revolutionized my nail routine. I no longer have to devote hours to manis and pedis and my nails look amazing all the time. Makes me wonder why nail salons don`t incorporate this product in their services, I   can think of many times when I got home with ruined pedis because of polish that didn`t dry properly. I did the sock test within 10 minutes of applying this gem on my freshly painted toenails and it passed with flying colour. No imprint, mark or smudge! Imagine!

This is a must have, in my opinion. It`s amazing!
In Montreal you can find it at certain salons, I picked it up at Winners.

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