Bijin Eyeliners

I saw this new line of makeup at several Pharmaprix/ Shopper's Drug Mart stores across the city and of course it got my attention with their colourful packaging and got me even more curious when I actually got to swatch the testers on display. Beautiful colours, rich, pigmented and smooth all packaged in sleek cases.
I actually went ahead and purchased all the eyeliners and got to play and swatch them.

I have a thing for eyeliners, so when I got to see the tester, I kinda got sucked in. The tapered tip is great! It's very firm and fine and allows for precise application. The finish is somewhat glossy and can be layered, however after a third passing it starts to sort of crack and eventually peel off. The formula is liquidy and dries quite fast, and it lasts well through the day. It comes off easily with an oil based cleanser and noticed no staining of the lids.
Overall these eyeliners are decent but not amazing. The pigmentation is great in a few but lacks in the others, see swatches for help. If you can snatch them up in a sale, I personally don't think they are worth the $10. Okay, maybe the black is, but that's about it.

 Midnight Fox - very pigmented and opaque, true deep black
Cherry Blossom - Pight pink, on the sheer side but can be layered to get a vibrant pink
Cool Cat - shimmery blue, quite pigmented, glitter can get gritty if layered on, great blue
Violet Vixen - very sheer, hard to build up, more like a clear liner with a hint of purple
Envy - yellow green, sheer, hard to build up, very subtle
Paradise Yellow - very sheer glow, more like a clear liquid with a hint of gold

I can't find any other info on the brand, I feel it kinda came out of nowhere, but sometimes that can be fun and mysterious with cosmetics, finding random unique products. I am just gonna enjoy them and hope they'll be around for a while.

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