Phyto Phytojoba Hair Line Review

I was introduced to Phyto products not long ago, and to my surprise, it was love at first use.

Through the past year, I shifted back and forth between products, as my hair needs and routine have changed, and wanted to share my experience and opinion about the brand with the world. The brand values match my own, using wonderful plants and botanicals  to nourish the hair... the natural way. The result is a line with fantastic products.

Phytojoba Shampoo
I have the hardest time finding the right hair routine for my fine, dry hair. I need a shampoo that doesn't strip my hair of its natural oils, that won't leave it tangly and squeaky clean to the point where I can't brush it, a shampoo that nourishes and infuses it with moisture while cleaning, prepping it for my conditioner or mask, rather than making me feel I have to deep-condition, just to bring my hair back to normal. Phytojoba shampoo meets all my expectations. Like most Phyto shampoos, it won't mouse a lot. You need to work it into the hair and let it do its thing for about a minute or two. They don't use crazy harsh detergents, that'll strip your hair and scalp, but mild sapponified coconut oil, which cleanses the hair and scalp gently,  which is very important for your the skin's pH leave and overall health of the hair. Sometimes, if my hair is really dirty, if I have used a lot of product or on summer days when I go biking and I sweat I shampoo twice, letting the shampoo really work the second time around.
I love that it leaves my hair soft and supple, yet hydrated, thanks to the jojoba oil and plants extracts. I can actually run my fingers through my hair, which is a miracle considering any "normal" shampoo leaves my locks tangled and rough, with this hay-like texture.

Phytojoba Hair Mask

Don't let the price put you off, you get this huge jar of hair softening goodness, that'll last you forever. They recommed using a quarter size amount, but for my medium length hair I find that is just not enough. The mask is a light texture, distributes and adheres well  to the hair. I usually leave it on for a couple of minutes, you know, let it do its thing. It rinses off with ease and leaves the hair soft and supple. It manages to infuse my hair with moisture and never felt it weighed it down or left that nasty silicone like residue behind.

Overall, these products are really, really good. Very gentle and surprisingly effective. It impressed me, especially for a "natural" beauty line, most often than not "natural" hair care products being huge "misses", for me at least.

Check Phyto out here.

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