Homemade Anti Cellulite Oil

Like most girls out there, I am battling and preventing cellulite. I eat right, started exercising and I am always on the look out for creams and potions that are going to keep my thighs smooth cellulite free.
I also love whipping up my own cosmetics and love the idea of going natural, and after much trial and error have managed to come up with this amazing orange-peel banishing oil.

So, here it goes:
I infused almond oil (abt 250 ml) with a 3-4 tablespoons of cayenne powder. You pour the oil on top of the cayenne in a jar and let it macerate for about 2 weeks, shaking the mixture twice daily. I chose almond oil because it's light (penetrates well into the skin), cheap and moisturizing. The cayenne is great for many many things but I need it to activate my circulation. After 2 weeks I strain the oil through a cheeseclooth into a dark bottle and add a teaspoon of jojoba oil to help "stabilize it"; jojoba oil is technically a wax so it acts as a preserver, keeping my mixture from going rancid fast. If you do have an allergy to nuts, you can always go for grape seed oil, which is also light and makes for a great carrier oil.
Then I add my essential oils. You can start with two or three and add more as your 'build' your collection.
I love:

Those are just a few EOs I have used with great success. Feel free to combine them according to your liking and ... budget.

Massage the oil as often as you would like, in the trouble areas. I find it absorbs easily, but I would probably want to do it at night, I would rather risk staining my PJs rather than my clothes. Also, please note that the oil 'burns' (due to the cayenne), much like most anti-cellulite creams. Perhaps do a first batch with less cayenne and then figure out what degree of "spiciness" your are most comfortable with.

So, this is my cheap, effective weapon in combating cellulite. I should also mention I do dry brush regularly, in order to promote circulation, exfoliate the skin and stimulate lymphatic drainage (get those toxins out!); I eat well (and I mean well!) and I have incorporated some sort of exercise routine (nothing crazy, walking, Pilates, biking, running).  
Oh, yeah ... and drink water! Water, water, water! It is the best way to detox and flush out toxins, and it'll keep you hydrated (hydrated skin = plump skin).

Share your experience in the comment section, and I do hope this little homemade recipe comes in handy for others as well. 

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