L'Oreal Infallible Lipcolor in Beyoncé Swatch Review

Now, this is a brilliant red! I need to jump right into the colour because it's absolutely striking. A gorgeous vibrant true red, a statement maker. The colour is incredibly rich and pigmented. One coat is going to cover everything and anything. Which brings me to what makes this product stand apart. This is a true long wearing  lip colour. It stays put for hours and hours. No smudging, no marks, nothing! I mean, you can wear a bold red lip on a date and kiss your man too! Genius!

I love the applicator, the shape and firmness allows you to apply colour precisely. After I have covered my lips I like to leave it to dry for a good 2 minutes. Sometimes I might add a second coat, but honestly, I find the product performs better with one. Then I just smooth the gloss part over it and ta-da!
Unlike most long-wearing lippies, this product is not as drying, I find, and it truly lasts the whole day... my only tip would be not to apply colour too much inside the lip/mouth area as you can experience some flaking.

Overall I love this colour and I love this product. I guess it's the first of the kind to impress me. Bold, beautifull, vibrant colours that stay put, the whole freaking day.

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