Simons T-shirts: My Picks for the Summer

I am so excited that summer is here! I have planned my summer make-up routine for the past 6 months of cold, grisly weather but I was taken by surprise when it came to what to wear. On top of that, my mom has been nagging me for years that while my face is pretty and all made up I dress like a slob. You can count an European moms to burst your bubble, but she did have a point. So I decided that I need to upgrade my style a bit, and while I still think there is nothing wrong with wearing yoga pants and a hoodie while rocking a sultry smoking eye, I started vising more fashion blogs in the hope I'll pick up some tips and tricks on how to dress better.
I am and will always be a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal, but I've learned that there are ways to playing that up, the easiest one being to pick nicer t-shirts. It's easy to make a statement, look stylish all while feeling comfortable and keep it quite simple. With time I started experimenting with accessories and of course, matching up my make-up to the overall look.

Simons challenged me to share my picks and favourite T-shirts from their collection and 5minutes into browsing through the website I had at least 30 tabs open with things that caught my eye. I love T-shirts!
Print baseball T-shirt
 This is perfect for those weird Montreal summer days (like this week) when it gets cold and rainy. I love the pattern on the front. I would pair this up with a nice cat-eye, defined brows and a bright orange lippie. 

 Studded Shoulder Pastel Sweater
Another option for crappy summer days. This would go well with jeans or shorts, the studs add a touch of glam; I would do a summer eye: black liner on top and a bright aqua liner on the bottom lash, with a soft peachy cheek and a nude glossy lip. 

Leafy Lace Cami
I love the jewel collar and the sheer lacy look.  This would go so well with a dramatic cat-eye, rosy blush and pink, glossy lips. So feminine! 

 Vintage lace appliqué peplum cami
I am obsessed with anything vintage these days and I love peplum. I think this style looks flaterring on eyerone, it looks feminine, embraces the cruves and... can hide a pouch for those days when you fell bloated. I mean, I can't be the only one that thinks that, am I? I would wear this with a pastel eyeshadow, pastel polish, strong cat-eye again, peachy blush and a nude lip. Soft and feminine. 
Lace Peplum Bustier 
Another feminine peplum! Just imagine this with dark jeans and a neon fuschia lip.

 Mixed Media Trompe-L'oeil Cami
Soft and sheer, a must have for hot, humid Montreal summers. Plus, it's emerald, which we all know is the it colour this year. I would keep my make-up simple, perhaps adding a touch of emerald liner on top of my regular black one for some fun and to be in theme with the shirt.

Crochet Lace Cami
Oh, Just imagine this with daisy dukes and sneakers or flip flops and the Tam-Tams. BB Cream, mascara, cream peachy blush, lipgloss and a pair of aviators would complete the look. So boho-chic! 
 Solid V-Neck T-shirts
Yeah yeah, old habits die hard but I can't help it. I was instantly attracted to these plain T-shirts. You can never go wrong with them. Especially in white. Wear it with a floral dress, jeans, yoga pants or shorts, under a blazer, vest or cardigan... they are so versatile. Any make-up goes with a white shirt. 
 For my no-brainer days, I put on my favorite jeans, a plain white tee and sport a crazy red lip. 

Another thing worth mentioning, is that Simons has now an online store and opened a location in Alberta. I'm telling you this because every time I have a friend visiting, they all want to go to Simons. All of them! I didn't realize they don't have the brand/store outside Quebec and I never realized how much people want it. Add that to the "Reasons Montreal Rocks" list!

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