Fashion Beauty Panel: How to Wear Glitter

"I have a confession: I am not a glitter girl. I was looking frantically for glitter in my collection only to realize I don’t have any! The horror! If I want to add some pizzaz to my look, I tend to stick to glittery or sparkly eyeliners. It’s a cute yet subtle way to add color and some sparkle without going over the top. I like to keep the face matte and simple and just dust a wash of neutral colour over the lids. Apply eyeliner and mascara and boom! The tiny particles will flirt with the light behind your lashes. You can complement with a shimmery lipgloss by going for finer particles that can add some oomph and extra dimension to the lips without looking gritty. 

Formulas with refined, tiny particles are much more wearable and elegant than chunky glitter, which can be hard to pull off on a day-to-day basis. 

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