Fashion Beauty Panel: How to Wear Nude Lips

I am sooo late with this post. Here is my latest contribution to the Beauty Panel. The challenge is how to wear nude lipstick. I usually like to pair nude lips with a strong eye; a pale mouth can easily wash you out and make you look ill so I tend to layer a pink or orange on top and sheer it out to give it more dimension and make it look natural.

"I always reach for a nude lipstick whenever I decide to play up my eyes. It adds an element of balance without washing me out. I often opt for bright eyeliners during the summer to add some colour and fun to my look and a neutral lip is easy to maintain in the scorching summer heat.
I like to blot my lips with foundation as a primer and then add a lip liner to define my lips and ensure the colour is going to last. I generally tend to go for moisturizing formulas in my nude lipsticks, as it can be unforgiving in settling in lines and emphasizing dry spots. It’s a good idea to exfoliate and moisturize prior to application of the lipstick.  Another good idea is to add a lip butter or pink gloss on top of your nude lipstick to help give it some dimension and make it look less flat. An orange gloss will help add some life to your lips and is especially useful if your have a warm complexion and nude lips make you look flat and sickly. "

 In case you were wondering what's on my eyes, that's coming up in a post soon but here is a sneak peek. All Revlon baby!

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