Fashion Beauty Panel: How do you make your eyebrows stand out?

I’ve learned over the years the importance of a good brow. It can add structure to the face, make you look polished and tie the whole look together. The biggest tip I’ve picked up from beauty gurus and makeup artists is not to over pluck. I use my Tweezerman tweezers to clean up under the brow and get that clean crisp arch but the secret lies in using scissors to shape and trim rebel hair versus plucking them out. This gives the brow that crisp shape while looking healthy and full. On a daily basis I use an ashy brown pencil to fill them in where needed and play with the intensity of the brow. I have light hair and I am pretty fair with a strong yellow undertone in my complexion so I find an ashy brown always looks best. I always like to finish with a wax, just to set everything in place and use an angle brush both to diffuse the color in the brow as well as brush the waxed hairs in the right direction. Lastly, I take a satin light eyeshadow and brush gently underneath the brow to highlight and make everything look polished. Products used: It Cosmetics Brow Power and Avon Perfect EyeBrow Kit in “Blonde”

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