Fashion Beauty Panel: How to contour: 7 Beauty Panel tricks for crafting a flawless complexion

Heavy contouring while transforming your face can be way too time consuming and dramatic to be worn as day to day make-up. However, I do like to play up my features using a few makeup tricks I’ve learned over the years.

I love using the Real Techniques contour brush, as it’s small and tapered and so easy to use and create subtle shades under my cheekbones and jawline to give me a more chiseled look and push my cheekbones up. I use a matte bronzer for this. My favourite one is from Zuzu and it has a lovely cool undertone unlike most bronzers that tend to have red in them and often look unnatural and muddy when used in contouring.

I always finish with a sweep of my favourite blush above the contour shade, on the actual cheeks. I make sure I take my time to blend the two shades together, getting them to look as natural as possible.
Lastly I always finish with a generous sweep of highlighter on top of my cheekbones, just above my eyebrow, across the bridge of the nose (not down, as that would my nose look longer than it already is), above the Cupid`s Bow and barely touch it on my chin. If you are in a rush, a good highlighter can make all the difference in brightening the face and bringing out your cheekbones.
Products used: Zuzu Mineral Bronzer in “D32,” The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter, M.A.C MSF in “Petticoat,” Nars Blush in “Orgasm,” Real Techniques Contour Brush

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