Fashion Beauty Panel: Post Workout Beauty

 Given that I like to stretch my workouts forever I usually have to get ready for work or school in record time.. a task I’ve learned to master over time with the help of a few key products. After a quick shower (because there isn’t a replacement for that) I make sure I tone and moisturize my face as usual and then proceed to spray my favourite dry shampoo generously at the roots of my hair to soak up all that sweat and oil. While the dry shampoo works it’s magic I apply a dab of concealer under my eyes to look presentable and to hide blemishes or spots. Given that I’m still heated from the exercise and most likely prone to sweat I like to work with mineral powders which are not only easy to apply but will help control shine through the day while not feeling to heavy or cakey on. I finish the face off with a blush and highlighter to bring some life and dimension back to the face.
I like to keep the eyes simple, a touch of eyeliner and mascara to help bring out my eyes is enough followed by filling in my eyebrows with a brush. If I do have a date or more special day, I swap in the regular liner for a more colorful one. I finish the lips off with a balm and gloss and I am good to go. Before I head out, I brush the dry shampoo out and usually put my hair up in a ponytail.
Products used: Benefit Hello Flawless, Lancome Mineral Foundation, Revlon Highlighter, Nars Orgasm Blush, Revlon Age Defying Concealer

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