Fashion Beauty Panel: Why Wear Makeup?

I am a few weeks late posting this, but the last month was cray-cray with school, work and well... life. I loved this challenge and I loved reading what made the other panelists turn to makeup.

"Makeup is so much more to me than make-up. Make-up helps me be more confident, make-up is a creative outlet and a coping mechanism for me. I was only allowed to start wearing makeup in my late teens but only learned to apply a few years ago when I discovered YouTube, blogs and the amazing online beauty community. That’s when I took it to the next level. I was in treatment for my eating disorder at the time, so I found an escape in make-up. I would spend the majority of my free time on blogs, practicing new contouring techniques, hunting the web for sneak peaks at new collections and so on. I replaced one compulsion with another, a much healthier one. Make-up helped and still helps me cope with issues of low self esteem. Yeah, I use make-up to give me a boost of confidence and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s creative and beautiful and makes me feel so much better about myself."

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