Monday, January 26, 2015

Fashion Beauty Panel: How Do You Accentuate Your Favorite Facial Feature?

This week the challenge we has for the Beauty Panel was playing up our favorite features. I chose to focus on my eyes. See what the rest of the Beauty Panel had to say here.

I always want to play up my eyes more and with all they hype around new palettes and eyeshadows, it’s easy to get inspired to experiment with colour and have a little fun with my eye makeup. One of my favourite looks to wear these days, a look I’m starting to master, is the classic smoky eye.
I love smoking out different colors and seeing how they can complement my eye colour and add a fun element to my look. I usually try to focus on the eye makeup and keep the rest of my face neutral, especially if I’m wearing a statement colour on my eyes.

If I go with neutrals, I’m not afraid to wear a bold color on my lips, regardless of the intensity of the eye makeup.Right now I’m obsessed with purple…and blue. Blurple. I love how bold and dark this colour is and I love creating a sultry look that makes my brown eyes pop.


  1. You look stunning with this eye-makeup!:X Gorgeous!

  2. bahah blurple. Love it. Heeeeey from a fellow :) Enjoying the frigid weather right now are we ? ;) Love this look its sooo pretty ! What do you have on for the neutral lip here? its gorgeous!

    1. thank you. Oh don't even get me started on the weather. On the lips I am wearing the new Essence lippie I believe it's the shade Oh so Matt! (they should be out this month in Canada.) with one of the new Revlon glosses on top.