Elevate Your Season with Bulletproof

The holidays are literally around the corner and I'll admit I've had a few mini panic attacks in between work, gym sessions, blogging and last minute prep for the fast approaching festive season. Adulting isn't easy!

If this past year had a soundtrack it you be Rihanna's "Work, Work, Work" because that's what dominated my year. Finding balance between a demanding job and having a life is challenging and like many, I feel like coffee is what jump-starts me every morning. Always in the search for ways to upgrade my life, I stumbled upon Dave Asprey and the whole Bulletproof philosophy and got hooked on the famous Bulletproof Coffee, a low toxin, high performance drink that's full of healthy fats to fuel me.
I like to start my day with a traditional Bulletproof coffee, I just blend freshly brewed The Mentalist coffee, Brain Octane Oil and unsalted grassfed butter in my Blendtec, the mix is a frothy, satisfying drink that gives me a steady boost of energy without any jitters or aggravating my anxiety. I've always had a love hate relationship with caffeine and every day felt like a gamble, trying to figure out the right amount and strength of coffee that will help give me a boost without sending me over the edge or triggering that dreadful anxiety that lurks around. I loved how different I felt having a blend of good quality coffee with a healthy dose of good quality fats, I feel energized but keep my cool, alert and focused thanks to the MCTs and full for hours, I no longer have to look for snacks all morning long, I can actually do my job.

Another way I LOVE my Bulletproof coffee is quickly becoming my favourite drink to reach for halfway through the day when I need a quick boost and have to get ready for a late workout. I will brew a small batch of coffee, add the usual Brain Octane Oil and unsalted grass fed butter along with a pinch of true cinnamon, dash of Himalayan salt, a sprinkle of raw cocoa, a scoop of protein and one of collagen. Not only is this drink ridiculously delicious but it helps give me the right amount of energy along with essential nutrients to help propel me through the day and a rewarding gym session.
The protein and collagen are essential for healthy skin, hair and nails, the MCTs are awesome for everything but especially skin and brain function, the cocoa and coffee are packed with antioxidants and cinnamon is great for supporting healthy blood sugar levels. I win!
What are your tricks and tips for surviving busy days and balancing it all?

*This post is sponsored. All opinions, images and products are my own.

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