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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

NYX Liquid Suedes. Review and Swatches

The liquid lipstick trend isn't going anywhere and like any respectable beauty junkie I am a huge fan of this trend and am excited to see brands step up their game and come up with better formulas and a wider variety of colors. NYX has released its Liquid Suede range while ago, the brand is pretty accessible to most of us, here in Canada we've seen it pop up and establish itself in most drugstores across the country which makes me happy and excited to see a brand known for bold colors and great products at reasonable prices available to all.
I've only gotten my hands on the range Liquid Suedes late this summer and had a fair chance to play with them and put them to the test, so here's my experience with the liquid lipsticks.
The formula is relatively thin and moussey, the applicator is pretty great making it easy to line and fill in lips and get reasonably clean lines without having to reach for a pencil or brush. The formula is very comfortable on the lips and dries down to a comfortable matte finish quite fast. Most colors had decent pigmentation, one to two swipes proved more than enough to get full opacity. I did notice the lighter colors tended to look almost chalky once dried but this never bothered me nor did I find it took away from the color or overall effect. The formula were nicely across the board, I did not notice major feathering with any of the colors but the product does transfer quite easily and almost disappears completely when drinking and especially when eating. This is not a long wearing product by any means but it does layer nicely making touch ups relatively easy. I do recommend you bring along the lipstick you are wearing, it's pretty much guaranteed you'll need to touch up through the day which is the one downside of this formula.
My favourite part about this range has to be the incredible color variety. NYX is known for bold colors and they delivered with this release. The range features a wide variety of trendy maroons and browns, bold colors and my personal favourite, the stunning Jet Set, a deep blue that makes my heart flutter every time I put it on.
All in all, the formula is good has enough good points that I can overlook the poor longevity and wear. The colors are stunning, apply well and look great once on so carrying the tube of lipstick around for occasional touch ups is a small price to pay for a show stopping, comfortable lip.

Foiled Again

Respect the Pink

Run the World

Jet Set

Subversive Socialite

Club Hopper

Downtown Beauty

Oh, Put It On


*Products provided for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or reviews

Thursday, September 29, 2016

NYX Lid Lingerie Review and Swatches. Morning Sky and White Lace Romance

NYX Lid Lingerie is a relatively new cream shadow range that came out this past summer. The formula on these is incredibly light and has almost a mousse like texture but still manages to pack a punch in the pigment department. While rich in color, I found the formula to be quite unique, it's a lot easier to work with and blend on the lid and can be a lot more forgiving that most cream shadows. I always found cream shadows intimidating because you need to work fast and can be finicky when it comes to blending or layering, most tend to crack or look and feel heavy the more product you play with but that is not the case with the Lid Lingerie shadows. The light formula is lovely to work with, you can sheer it our or pack on the color as you wish without it looking heavy or getting those dreaded cracks.

 The shadow comes packaged in a tube that resembles most of their liquid lipsticks and features a basic doe foot applicator. The two shades I have both feature a a pearl finish to them White Lace Romance is a white with a pearl finish and Morning Sky is a metallic looking teal with gold shimmer. Both shadows are stunning and pack a ton of color and pigment in a single swipe. I`ve used both as all over shadows or, my preferred method, as toppers, especially the White Lace Romance. I found both shadows to be very long wearing, I`ve experienced minimal fading and virtually no transfer each time I`ve sported these shades.
All in all I like these shadows, I like the great punch of pigment they deliver and the formula really makes it fun to play with no matter how inexperienced you might be. I can`t wait to get my hands on more shades. Which ones are your favorites?
Here is a quick look I got with both shades, the eyeliner is NYX Vivid Brights eyeliner in Sapphire which is an insanely beautiful liner but more on that soon.

*Products provided for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or reviews