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Friday, April 29, 2016

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil Challenge: M-30

To kick off this Make Up For Ever Aqua XL challenge I figured I would start with a color that drew me to it the moment I saw the entire collection.  M-30 is a gorgeous matte pastel mint. The formula is incredibly creamy and smooth having enough play time at the beginning of application to let you smudge it and tweak the edges to your liking after which it sets and doesn't budge. 

*Products provided for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or reviews

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Make Up For Ever AquaXL Eye Pencils

Drop everything! Make Up For Ever has a new launch and as you'd expect it's epic! The brand paired up with Charli XCX for the launch and I was lucky enough to get all the 20 eye pencils to test and play with.
I thought I could do a plain review of the liners but somehow that wouldn't do them justice so I figured I turn this into a challenge. I plan on wearing, photographing and reviewing all the shades so you can get to see the colors in action as well as challenging myself to use all the gorgeous colors and incorporate them into my daily looks. So stay tuned on the blog for more.

Overall, these eyeliners have an incredibly smooth formula that sets and wears all day. The pigmentation is fantastic across the board, all liners deliver an intense color payoff in a few swipes and layer really well. The formula is smooth and easy to work with, you have time to smudge it and play with it after which it sets and doesn't budge. I haven't tested these with water but I did wear to the gym during some pretty intense workouts including hot yoga and I experienced minimal smudging. The formula did not irritate my eyes and it comes of easily with an oil based cleanser or a good micellar water. All in all these liners are fantastic, the colors are stunning and they are definitely worth checking out.

*Products provided for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or reviews

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Avon Big Color Eye Pencil

      My first interactions with make-up started with Avon. I was in high-school in Romania, an we had one girl in our class that was a rep for the company; every month she would bring us the new catalogs and we would blow out our allowance on lipglosses and body creams and mascaras. I've come a long way in my beauty journey since then and I've somehow forgotten about the brand, which is somehow understandable given the huge selection of products we have nowadays.
      That being said I was surprised and definitely impressed when Avon send me a few products to test out and play with. Not only did I come a long way but so did they. The colours, the textures and overall quality of the products they're putting out are on par with their competitors and I see that more and more beauty gurus such as Wayne Goss and the Pixiwoo sisters also like using their products and the brand is definitely getting more recognition and somehow stepping out the "Avon Lady" make-up stereotype.

     Case in point their new Big Color Eye Pencils.
There has been an abundance of cream products that have hit up beauty stands in the past years and while I am still on the fence about them, I have to say I am slowly becoming a fan of cream shadow pencils.

      Big Color Pencils come in a variety of standard colours:beiges, browns, teal, green, blue, bronze, golds and the like, colours that could easily become staples for many of us.

The texture is incredibly creamy and the pencil glides across the lid with ease; pigmentation is quite good and the formula can be build to achieve more intensity without looking heavy and "cracked" as other cream formulas tend to do on me. The product gives me some play-time allowing me sheer it out, smudge and blend the product after which it sets and it stays in play the whole day. The cream has a smooth texture, but it can take on powder shadows and top and acts a great primer, not creasing or moving around despite my eyelids being on the oily side.

The colours that I have are Cocoa Glean, a bronzy brown and Gold Rush, a shimmery gold, and while not being unique they are nice and I can see myself reaching for them often on a day to day basis.
I also have one of their Dual Ended Pencils in Plum Perfection, a sheer plum on one side and a sheer washed out violet on the other. This product wasn't my favourite, the colours being very sheer and it took a lot of work to build up the product and get it to show up on the lids.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Logona Lipstick Review in No 06 and Logona Giveaway

Logona is clean, natural line of make-up and over the past couple of months I got to try out and play with some of their products, one of them being their lipsticks.

                                                                 No 06 Swatched

The formula of this lipstick was... interesting. Application wasn't a breeze, let me tell you that. It took a bit of work applying the product, getting it to slide across the lip and filling it in. For some reason, as moisturizing as it felt, it is quite hard to distribute the product evenly. Once you work it, and the formula manages to warm up a little bit, the lipstick slides across the lips with ease.The colour feels quite comfortable (a bit on the dry side) on the lips and the colour payoff is decent. No, these are not fancy fashion colours, but for those of you who are looking for an alternative to conventional cosmetics these products can be interesting.
Personally, I am not appealed to their colours, as they seem more um, "traditional" and the formula is not my favourite. However, it looked good and shiny on the lips.

Since I have received 3 colours, I am putting the two I didn't swatch up for grabs. Give someone else a chance to try them and see how they like them. I am also adding two eye pencils (grey and turquoise) and a lip-pencil (sort of a creamy lipstick in pencil form).

I had only opened the products for picture purposes.

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