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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Make Up For Ever: Brand Spotlight, Face of the Day and First Impressions

This month's CBB Featured Brand is Make Up For Ever and that inspired me the other day to try and challenge myself by doing my entire make-up with nothing but products from the brand.

I primed my face with their Step 1 Primer (Radiant- Yellow) and then followed up with the new Ultra HD Foundation which is absolutely amazing. Full review coming soon.

I used the new Andreja Pejic Artist Shadow Palette on the eyes and lined them with the Graphic Liner. I have ranted about the liner in a previous post and my love hate relationship with it, I still like using it and I found if I do wipe the the tip down after each use and press it up against my hand prior to using it and let the tip soak with liquid, it works much better. I finished the eyes with two coats of the Smoky Stretch Mascara. My brows are all Aqua Brow, one of my all times favorite brow products. The formula is lighter than the ABH brow pomade and can look a lot lighter on, it's great if you like filling in your brows as opposed to adding texture.

The Andreja Pejic Artist Shadow Palette features four neutral shades that are creamy and are very pigmented. All shades have a little shimmer to them and a very buttery, creamy formula that packs a punch when it comes to color delivery. The formula works best with a stiff brush as you need to pick up and pack the product onto the lid if you want to have the pigment show. The formula is not the most blendable I have ever worked with due to that creaminess it has, use a stiff brush and take your time with it. Don't use a sticky base and have a powdery blending color handy if you really want to blow out a color. All in all this is a great palette, the MUFE artist shadows are the best on the market right now and it's always a good idea to pick them up in little palettes or kits which can be a great value.

I contoured my face with the Pro Bronze Fusion bronzer in 20M, blushed the cheeks with a mix of two of their HD Blushes  and used the highlighter in the Pro Sculpting Duo to strobe up my face.

On my lips I used a new shade of the Aqua Rouge, which is my first experience with the famous lip product. The shade is a beautiful light peach that can scared me the first time I applied it. The formula can look bizarre once it dries on, the color will emphasize lines on your lips but the gloss part does a great job at smoothing things out and adding life and dimension to the laquer. What I did love about this lip product is the longevity. This stuff is truly long lasting, it won't budge whether you eat, drink, kiss or rub your lips. It doesn't feel drying nor does it wear away as the day goes on and all I keep thinking is that I need to try more shades of this stuff because it's amazing.  You will need a make-up remover or a cleansing oil to get it off.

I locked everything is with a dusting of the HD Pressed Powder and a spritz of the Mist and Fix.
There you have it, an entire look achieved with what it's probably my favorite brand. Make Up For Ever is known for it's amazing products across the brand and this look proves just that. Every product performs and I love how they are constantly working on new technology and improving existing

This is not a sponsored post; the products are all part of my own collection, some PR samples and some purchased with my own money.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Annabelle Fall 2015 Beauty Launches and First Impressions

Annabelle has a few great things coming out this fall and I have had time to play around with a some of the releases so I figured I would do another first impressions type of post where I showcase to new items and share my thoughts on them.

Smokey Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
Yay! Another neutral drugstore palette! This one features some lovely neutral tones and the formula is quite lovely. The packaging is sleek and compact and the colors include warm and cold tones making this a well rounded palette. I like it!

Stay Sharp Metallic Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner
I love these self sharpening liners Annabelle and Marcelle put out and I have to give them mad props for being on top of the beauty trends and technology once again. Great, great liners!

Kohl Duo Liners
Nice basic liners but let's be honest... I'm not going back to pencils after trying the self sharpening liners. I speak the truth!

Brow-To-Go Kit
This is a handy eyebrow palette that comes with two powders, a fixing gel tweezers and applicators to help you get those perfect arches. I am not a huge fan of powder brow products, personally, but this is a handy little kit and the colors are neutral and natural looking. I find powders are great for those that need help with enhancing the texture and volume of the brows, so if that's what you need this kit might be a great option for you.

Brow Show Brow Liner + Highlighter
This two in one pencil has a great formula, the pencil does a great job at drawing in the brows, it's nice and stiff and I love the neutral, ashy tone it has which looks so natural. The highlighter is great at cleaning up the edges and highlighting the brow bone. Great product.

Stay Sharp Long-Wearing Brow Liner
This is another self sharpening long wearing brow liner and it's also one of my favorite products from the releases. It's great for on the go, I love the fact that it's always sharp and precise and the color I have is neutral and ashy.

Eyeink Liquid Eyeliner Duo
This double ended eyeliner has two tips: an ultra fine one to help you create precise lines and a fine tip for thicker ones. I like this eyeliner, I have been a long time fan of Annabelle Eyeink's liners and this dual ended version is so much fun to use. I find the thicker tip to deliver a better better application than the fine one but the fine one is great for achieving those fine, precise lines. Honestly, the formula could be better, the pigmentation is not great and it's not long lasting, the product can transfer and smudge through the day but I still love using it because I love the packaging and the felt tips. Marcelle has a similar product they released last year that I find to perform better.

Eyeink Mistake Proof Eyeliner and Corrector
This is also a dual ended marker type liner with a corrector at one end that is supposed to clean up the edges and help you correct mistakes. It comes in handy at cleaning up and sharpening my cat eye and I have to say I like it. Make sure you wipe away the tip in between uses as it can get messy.

Swatches of the two EyeInk liners

Instaglam Kajal Eyeliner and Kajal
This dual ended liner has a thick marker like felt tip on one side and a kajal on the other one. It claims to be water resistant which I have yet to test but my first impression was that I kinda like it. The market is slightly too big for my own personal preference but I like the kajal a lot.

Swatches of the self sharpening eyeliners and eyebrow pencil

Here are the products in action

*Products provided for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or reviews