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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Homemade Body Scrub

Here is an old favourite of mine, a sugar and lemon body scrub recipe.

It's cheap, it's easy to do, you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard already and most importantly... it's amazing.
You will need: brown sugar (works much much better than regular white sugar), lemons, essential oils and a carrier oil of your choice. The last two ingredients are optional. I chose lavender essential oil, because I love the smell, it's so soothing and relaxing and used apricot oil to smooth out my skin and add a little bit of moisture to the scrub.
The instructions are easy; dump sugar in a jar, add the juice from the lemons, add the essential oil and base oil; mix well; jump in the shower; scrub! Enjoy baby smooth skin.
The sugar particles are going to physically exfoliate, while the glycolic acid and citric acid from the lemons are going to do a bit of a chemical peel; melting and scrubbing away all those dead skin cells. The lavender oil is actually very soothing for the skin while the apricot oil moisturises the skin.
I like to use this scrub all over my body, but I particularly enjoy using it on my legs, it helps prevent dry patches, ingrown hairs and due to the scrubbing action of the sugar, stimulates circulation and targets cellulite.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

All Natural Home Made Peel

Here's a recipe I use to brighten up and exfoliate my skin. I love making my own cosmetics, whether  I improvise, get inspired from other fellow bloggers or sometimes, just imitate my favourite commercial beauty products... it's fun,all natural, easy, cheap and most of the times, very effective.

So here's a peel I love doing when my skin needs a little pick me up.
So, I put a couple of pieces of pineapple, papaya, a splash of lemon juice and a scoop of real yogurt. Sometimes, I might throw in a pinch of ascorbic acid, aka vitamin C, for an extra boost. I just use my chessy old Magic Bullet (God, this thing is handy).The bromelain and papain in the pineapple and papaya have been used for years, in exfoliating products. They great fruit acids do wonders in gently breaking apart the glue that hold dead skin cells together, giving us that much wanted glow. Same goes for the vitamin C, a great exfoliator and antioxidant and lemon juice, rich in the aboe mentioned ingredient and famous for its lightening properties. Lastly we have the lactic acid in the yogurt, another aluable ingredient you will see in many cosmetic products targeting dull, blotchy skin. Lemon and yogurt are amazing at lightening and evening out skin tone. Who knew your fridge held all these super cosmetic ingredients?
Not this is a pretty "acidic" product, so I would start with a few ingredients and do a patch test to see how your skin reacts to it. I have a lot of experience (good and bad) of mixing up my own masks, and I know what works for me. My skin can tolerate a lot. Always listen to your skin, and adjust ingredients. Also, if the mask is stingin and feels uncomfortable... wash off. Lastly, don't leave the mask on for too long. Start with a shorter period of time and work your way up.
Why and when I do this? Whenever my skin feels ugh, dull, looks blotchy and/or I have post acne marks and discoloration.
Why I love this mask? Well, its fresh. I can adjust the intensity and ingredient content. It`s inexpensive.It`s easy. It`s effective.

Remember to wear SPF during the day when doing any sort of peel or exfoliation. The skin is very sensitive and vulnerable at this point.