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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Festive Holiday Chocolate Bark

Christmas is a week away and I have never been less ready for it. This year was dominated by work for me and the holidays are no exception but like any smart lady I have a few aces up my sleeve and I wanted to share one with you today. My chocolate bark is not only healthy, but fun and delicious and makes for a fabulous dessert and a great last minute gift. I am a bit of a health freak so I'm always looking to come up with a delicious treat with a healthy spin. This bark features tons of healthy fats, antioxidants and superfoods and is sure to please the biggest chocolate snob.

The recipe is easy and fun to do, melting a good quality dark chocolate over a double boiler, folding in a good quality coconut oil and organic cocoa powder if you want to keep the bark dark and antioxidant rich and add a splash of organic vanilla.
The fun part is pouring the melted chocolate in a pan lined with baking sheet and decorating it with toppings. My favorite mixes are: pistachios, goji berries and Himalayan salt; hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts and splash of rum essence; cocoa nibs, nuts and coconut... have fun with it!  Place tray in freezer or if you have a small fridge like mine, in the snow, and let the chocolate harden for about 10 minutes. Once the chocolate is set, cut it and wrap it up nicely and store it in a cool place. I like to keep mine in the freezer and over the holidays take it out as a treat, dessert or just give it away to loved ones and it never fails to impress.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Homemade Body Scrub

Here is an old favourite of mine, a sugar and lemon body scrub recipe.

It's cheap, it's easy to do, you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard already and most importantly... it's amazing.
You will need: brown sugar (works much much better than regular white sugar), lemons, essential oils and a carrier oil of your choice. The last two ingredients are optional. I chose lavender essential oil, because I love the smell, it's so soothing and relaxing and used apricot oil to smooth out my skin and add a little bit of moisture to the scrub.
The instructions are easy; dump sugar in a jar, add the juice from the lemons, add the essential oil and base oil; mix well; jump in the shower; scrub! Enjoy baby smooth skin.
The sugar particles are going to physically exfoliate, while the glycolic acid and citric acid from the lemons are going to do a bit of a chemical peel; melting and scrubbing away all those dead skin cells. The lavender oil is actually very soothing for the skin while the apricot oil moisturises the skin.
I like to use this scrub all over my body, but I particularly enjoy using it on my legs, it helps prevent dry patches, ingrown hairs and due to the scrubbing action of the sugar, stimulates circulation and targets cellulite.