Natural beauty series : Hair mask

I have a huge thing for natural beauty and I am always on the lookout for the newest, most efficient, most amazing mask, ingredient or supplement.

So, I will try to incorporate natural beauty posts as much as I can, mostly to share my experiences with you guys and hopefully provide some insight, tips, and ideas in this area.

So, to kick off the series, I'm gonna share my favourite natural hair mask. This is a cheap, easy to make and very effective mask. It helped me regenerate my hair, nourish and strengthen it.
You'll need:
All you have to do is smash and blend the avocado into a paste (like guacamole), them stir in the egg yolks, and gradually add oil. I have medium length hair and about 100 ml oil is plenty.
I like to massage the resulting paste into my scalp first, then spread it all over the hair. I wrap my entire head with a plastic wrap, then a warm towel; the heat helps the mask penetrate better. It is ideal to keep this mask on for a few hours, if possible I try to sleep with it overnight.
I make sure to shampoo twice and condition; after my hair feels stronger, I have this amazing volume, shine and body. This is my all time favourite mask!
Sometimes I like to play around and add various essential oils in the mix, many have great therapeutical properties, stimulating circulation, strengthening the hair etc. I'll try to cover this area in another post in more detail.

Look for oils and essential oils at your local natural health store.

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