Lush Mask Brazened Honey

I am a self proclaimed queen of home-made, natural masks. I love experimenting with different ingredients, trying to figure out new cocktails that can help improve and nourish my skin, fight breakouts, refresh, clean, all this while using natural products. My two big loves natural health and beauty colliding in one!
I was excited to find Lush, and their fresh masks. Although I love coming up with different mixes of my own, sometimes, I don't have the time to mix up my concoctions, and I have to admit, sometimes I just don't have inspiration, and I was super excited to try out these masks, they sound very promising. I was very sceptical about them; I have to admit... could they beat my own masks? Can they come close? Are they effective? Do they sound too good to be true? Let's see...
One more thing I have to mention about Lush
I love the fact that whenever I enter a Lush store, the Sales attendants working there know their stuff. I have shopped at various locations around Montreal, and every single one has nice staff, educated in products, ready to answer any questions, show quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to cosmetics and natural beauty care, which is refreshing. I often find it so disappointing when walking into a beauty department, and the sales people only trying to push new stuff at me, not answering questions, rushing me and not sharing any of my passion for beauty.
So, on to the masks...

Brazened Honey

The SA described this to me as a detox mask. Great for deep cleaning. I love the sweet honey smell. It smells so delicious and refreshing. The ingredient list looks great, combining a bunch of essential oils to refresh and stimulate, along with ground almonds, to exfoliate, bentonyte clay, great for sucking up all that dirt and grime, all this while eggs, honey and glycerine replenish, moisturize and rehydrate the skin.
It feels amazing and works great! I find the mask texture a bit too hard, I might add a few drops of lemon juice to make it more astringent and easier to apply, or just apply it on my wet face, eventually after applying a serum and even smash a fruit onto my skin for extra goodness. The mask stings a bit upon application, especially if I have any open wounds, but the feeling goes away fast once it dries up, which brings me to my next point, the mask doesn't dry up my skin, while hardening. This is the difference between this mask and my good ol' fashioned clay mask; it cleans without making me feel like I'm turning into a reptile, with dry dry dry cracked skin. After rinsing, my skin feels great, it looks great, refreshed, glowy, it has a nice hue. It feels soft and supple, clean and not dried out.
Verdict? I love this mask! It is a great mask, great for a pick me up, a great way to freshen up dull skin. Although some people claim they have plenty for 8 masks, I like to apply a thicker layer, I get about 4-5 applications out of one jar. I also like to use this several times a week, for about a month as detox for my skin, usually at the change of seasons, when I do an internal detox as well, that can prompt breakouts. Clean the inside and the outside sort of thing.

So, gals check out Lush stores and try these masks. They are affordable and effective. What better way to spoil yourself and your skin?
Also, save up those empty containers! Bring them back to Lush and get a free face mask!

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