Zuii foundations swatches

I know more and more people are getting into organic make-up these days...
Zuii is a relatively new and very promising bio line, using a 'unique blend of Certified Organic Flora Ingredient', meaning they use floral ingredients, essential oil and minerals and vitamins, to help nourish the skin while helping you look your best. The eyeshadows and lipsticks look gorgeous, there is a wide range of colours, probably the most extensive I have seen in a bio line. What was surprising is that they are very high quality, comparable to main stream high end make up brand, the eyeshadows are smooth, creamy and decently pigmented, while the lipsticks have great colour pay off, are hydrating and go on smoothly. I love the idea of bio and organic make up lines but they often fail to satisfy my needs, until I stumbled upon Zuii. This line is very promising...
So far I managed to swatch the foundations, the texture creamy, it smells nice, decent coverage and quite blendable. In my opinion, its is far from my favourite foundation (MUFE HD) but for those of you looking for a healthy alternative to foundations, Zuii seems above average.
For reference I am NC20 in MAC.

Look for Zuii at your local health store.

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