Summer is here, full fledged, and while Montreal is truly amazing this time of year, it can get hot; hot and humid. Part of me enjoys this weather and all the fun activities that come with it, while the beauty addict in me dreads it. There's nothing worse than make-up meltdown, runny mascara, a shiny forehead and smudged eyeliner.
I decided to change my make-up routine, simplify it as much as possible without giving up the luxury of colour. What best way to add a pop of colour than a fun eyeliner or eyeshadow? I needed something simple, pretty and long lasting.
Lise Watier's 24 HRS GLAM EYELINER are fabulous! You get 4 shades, a gorgeous green, a vibrant violet, a deep blue and plain black. Subtle shimmer gives this eyeliner dimension.
 While usually I prefer an angled brush to conventional eyeliners, this time I actually enjoyed the tight thin brush; it allowed me to draw a perfect line and avoid smudging.
The texture is liquidy and glides on easily, while drying pretty fast, to a long lasting finish. I put this baby to the test. I wore it while biking, in the sun, for the entire day. I wore it at work. I wore while street shopping. It didn't smudge. It stayed put and vibrant throughout the entire day. I have to admit I was scared of the subtle glitter in the beginning, I wanted more of matte, pastel colour for sunny summery days, but I actually ended up loving the subtle shimmer. I didn't look flat and gave my eye more dimension.
I am head over heels with this feisty looking eyeliners, and will definitely get all colours. I have a feeling they will make my summer that much more beautiful.
For summer I think eyeliners will be my best friends, a quick effective way to play around with colour, while enjoying the season to its fullest.

In Montreal you can find Lise Watier at most drugstores and department stores, for those of you not lucky enough to have access to a counter, visit Lise Watier here.

photo courtesy of John Koo.

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